• Newest IntelMove Technology (Tech α + Tech β)
  • Advanced PremiumControl Material
  • Help speed up teeth movement, even more comfortable*

*Compared to VinciSmile Classic version

Soft aligner-α

Thickness: 0.625mm


889.3 Mpa

Softer force moves

teeth gently and fast

Hard aligner-β

Thickness: 0.75mm


1037 Mpa

High elasticity modulus

strengthens movement control

  • More Accurate

    Hard aligner with large elastic mod-ulus manipulates stable orthodontic force in long-term, to realize the target position effectively.
  • More Efficient

    The updated aligner material, PremiumControl, reaches the target position faster.
  • More Comfortable

    Each step starts with a soft aligner to optimize the comfort-able experience.
  • More Hygienic

    U.S. FDA approved product; Greatly reduce aligner wearing time, beneficial to keep oral hygiene.
  • Thin and flexible soft aligner features facilitated elastic deformation, to ensure comfort and precise tooth movement.
  • InterMove Tech reduces orthodontic force on teeth to get painless treatment experience.
  • Hard aligners’ rigidness with stronger control effect ensures accurate tooth movement.
  • Adding in the ideal treatment timing, the hard aligner can complete and perfect the orthodontic mechanism in the whole treatment.


VinciSmile Premium IntelMove technology moves teeth faster with double power from two differ-ent-thickness aligners in every stage, less painful than other brands.

— Single Force —

Average teeth movement speed up to 0.2mm

Sore teeth experience may occur

Single force prolongs treatment time

May require more steps to complete the treatment
— Double Force —

Increase movement speed from 0.2mm to 0.3mm

Painless and comfortable

Double force targets precision

Speed up teeth movement, even more comfortable


Biocompatible High-Performance Material

The updated aligner material, PremiumControl, performs well in elastic modulus, tear resistance, etc., efficiently moving teeth.

0.625mm α aligner and 0.75mm β aligner both create VinciSmile Premium

  • Higher Elastic Modulus

  • Excellent Tear Resistance

  • Superior Force Control


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  • A bright smile can shine your youth.

  • Get them started to a healthier life-style.

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  • Come over work challenges with your confident smile.

  • A beautiful smile helps you conquer the world.

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